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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have been supporting
Walking0nAir all these while, though it may only be a short period of time,
it certainly meant something to me!
Walking0nAir will be back with a bigger and better surprise for all of you!
So check us out at end of Oct 2009 if you don't wish to be left behind...

Meanwhile, for those who are still interested,
you can purchase the instocks available.

Please note that only Size 38 is available!

(Please refer to size measurement chart under T&C)

British Flag @ SGD22.00

Princess Love @ SGD28.00

Rainbow @ SGD22.00

Flutter Heart @ SGD24.00

I Heart Cupcakes @ SGD28.00

Swirly Fun @ SGD22.00


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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Welcome girls!!! ♥♥♥

Shoes are perfect with fabric paints and markers, embellishments, ribbons etc to satisfy your individual preferences! They are water-poof! Yes, even the embellishments! ;)

Do take good care of them by not scrubbing them too hard, but you can use damp tissues/wet wipes to gently remove any speck of dirt that is stinging your poor cute little shoes! Keep them out of the sunlight to prevent fading. As with any other types of shoes, fair wear and tear can be expected. So those cuties will really depend on your TLC! :)

Please read the T&C before purchasing! (:

PS : Follow me on Twitter! :D
✿ Walking0nAir ✿

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

**Please note that an additional charge will be required.
It will be included in the quoted price. (:

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Mailing List!
Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Join our mailing list for notifications of updates! (:
Email to NOW if you do not wish to be left behind!

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new designs! (:
Wednesday, September 9, 2009

At last! I've finally manage to squeeze out some time from my eccentric tight schedule to complete these 2 long awaited lovely pieces!
So here goes! (:
British Flag @ only SGD 22.00
Pursuing the recent craze over the loud prints of the british flag,
I was certainly inspired by it.
And of course, a trend-follower! :D
It will definitely complement your outlook for its attractive bright primary colours!
And not to forget, if you have similar prints on another other accessory,
be it clothes, bags, clutches or even hair accessories,
this gorgeous love will certainly enhance the overall appearance! (:

Another customisation requested by my cousin!

She was kind enough to allow me choose any Disney Princess character that I prefer and

I chose Cinderella! (:

Who can ever forget the glamorous sparkling glass slipper that could only fit the gorgeous

one and only, Cinderella?

Well, now you can have her, as well as her glass slippers, on your very own feet! (:

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Sunday, September 6, 2009


Instocks (Size 38) available for :

Swirly Fun

Princess Love


I heart cupcakes

Flutter Heart


Butterfly Kisses

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Monday, August 31, 2009

Hello there !!!

As I have received many requests/enquiries on sneakers customisations/designs, I will post this confirmation notice once again.

I do design/customise on sneakers!!!

But please do note that it would be more pricey than mary janes!
I am unable to quote a specific price due to the same reasons - complexity of designs and materials used.
However, a rough gauge would be a good idea, it would definitely cost more than $30.
Most probably around $35 to $40. Again, this is merely an estimate. (:

Thank you for shopping with walking0nair! (:

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Butterfly kisses (:
Thursday, August 27, 2009

Butterfly Kisses @ only SGD 24.00
One of my best.
Inspired by graffiti, I've conscientiously drew the butterflies stroke by stroke, aiming to
perfect every swirls where relevant.
I've also decided to give different similar shades of colours for the more 'au natural' look.
Added ribbons for that final touch. (:

Seriously, I did had a headache during the process of completing it.
As I'm quite a perfectionist, not even a slightest flaw can escape me.
The swirls and and outlines were a little tedious because they were confusing to me.
But nevertheless, I've finally accomplished this lovely artwork!

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New designs and customisation pictures are coming your way!
So stay tuned if you don't wanna miss them out! (:

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Instocks for Size 38(common size but please refer to size chart) available for all designs that have been posted below.
(Except customisations)

So no waiting time!


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Psst... If you are wondering if I do design on other types of shoes, such as sneakers or slip-ons, well I do!
However, I am now concentrating on mary janes first. (:

Do also take note that for sneakers/slip-ons, charges will be higher due to price differentiation.
They are much more expensive than mary janes!

Do let me know if you prefer a design on sneakers/slip-ons and I'll gladly be at your service! (:

Hmmm, I have the urge to customise everything!
Shirts, bags etc...
Maybe in the near future? ;)

walking0nair (:

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Flutter heart~
Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My brain wouldn't let me rest! Designs and more designs are flooding my mind every now and then! But anyhow, I'm totally elated that I have this creative spirit in me! :D

So here it is!



Flutter Heart only at SGD 24.00
Instock for Size 38
Ahhh, totally loving the felt stickers and the outstanding colourful word, 'love'!
Gives these cuties a greater edge towards a captivating charm!
Not to worry, felt materials, although they do absorb moisture,
however, after they dry up,
voila! They will be back to their original form!
I couldn't comtemplate which colour to use, pink or purple,
so I've decided, why not use both?
Bottom line being,
it's totally funky yet uncommon! (:

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Customisation for my beloved nephew, Jaden!
With a hand-drawn picture of Thomas, together with stickers that matches the theme - train, it is a perfect pair of shoes for any little boy! (:
This would be one of his most treasured item among his collection of Thomas and Friends!
Personalised with his name as well! (:


Customisation for my beloved niece, Shannan!
She totally digs Strawberry Shortcake and so here it is!
Pink has always been the favourite colour of most girls, regardless of any age, so here it is, as the main colour of the lovely shoes. Jazzed them up with cute drawings of flower and strawberries to further give the shoes a cuter side for the cute owner! (:
Personalised with her name as well! (:

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I heart cupcakes at ONLY SGD28.00
Instock for Size 38
Inspired by the recent cupcakes craze, I've used 3D cupcakes embellishments
for a more bona fide feel. Purple ribbons valued with white polka dots are placed along the sides to sweeten the feminine and adorable image that these lovelies are out to portray.
The difference between real cupcakes and these?

The former doesn't last, forever.

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rainbow only SGD22.00
Instock for Size 38
Rainbows! A rare sight which never fails to brighten up your day! (:
With its psychedelic semblance, how can anyone bear to reject these adorable lovelies? I've added hot pink ribbons to further jazz up the kawaii style.

Be enchanted to
them now! (:


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More designs to come!!! (: (:

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Ah, finally! The Birth of Creations has begun! :D
Didn't wreck my brains for these because,
Inspiration comes naturally... (:

Princess Love ♥ only at SGD 28.00
Instock for Size 38
Fairytales, Princesses, Fairies, Magically land and many other fantasies probably gently floated
into your mind when you were little!
This lovely pair of Princess Love ♥ will definitely remind you of those airy fairy moments.
I know it did, for me! (:
I've carefully valued it with 3D embellishments that will attach a more surreal image and feel.
Fabric paint was used and it is 100% water-proof.
Last but not least, to add to that final girly touch, I've meticulously crowned a ribbon with white background and pink polka dots, which you will rarely come across in other shoes.

Swirly Fun only at SGD 22.00
Instock for Size 38
This pair heavily filled with graffiti compliments those who are in search of a pair of funky yet not too loud kind of shoes.
It kinda reminds me of how complicated Life is but no doubt, whichever path you choose to undetake, with determination, success will gladly be yours. (:
Primitive colours of Black and White is definitely the easiest colours to match with your
preferred outfit of the day!
Painstakingly hand-drawn, this pair is sure to wow your friends for its uniqueness and originality!

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♥ All designs are created by Walking0nAir

♥ Pictures and designs are copyrighted and thus, should not be taken and used without Walking0nAir's permission.

♥ Please respect Walking0nAir's hard efforts.

Walking0nAir reserves the right to make any changes to the information stated in this blog without any prior notice.

♥ For enquiries, please feel free to email to

Order List and Status
♥Shannan's Strawberry Shortcake (Customisation)
♥Jaden's Thomas & Friends (Customisation)
♥MeiZhu's Rainbow
♥Sherlyn's Sailor (Customisation)
♥Crystal's Disney Princess (Customisation)
♥Hui Yun's Butterfly Kisses (Instock 38)


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